Why is animation important in marketing?

Whatever sector you work in, animation can be relevant. Animation videos help to explain complicated processes or concepts, to sell a product or even to gain product recognition. Everyone is attracted to animation in one way or another. Digital Glue Unit G6, The Arch, 48-52 Floodgate Street, Birmingham, B5 5SL When users view video content on a website, they are 100% more likely to spend more time on that website than they are to leave it.

In addition, 64% of people are more likely to complete an action, whether it's filling out a contact form or making a purchase, once they've watched a video. One of the most popular ways of using animation in marketing is through explainer videos. This type of engaging video has become a staple of any smart marketing strategy for obvious reasons. Illustrations and animations grab attention, help to retain information better and generate more engagement overall.

Animated videos and creative images on a website are like candy for the mind. They stimulate our emotions and are one of the main reasons why users stay on your site longer. Animation brings the power of imagination and creativity to your marketing, and has grown far beyond cereal ads or games. It gives you the power to demonstrate almost any product or service to your customers, sometimes so realistically that it's hard to believe it's not a real video.

The movement and colour of animation captures attention, explains instantly, demonstrates what has not yet been realised and is an effective marketing tool when tailored precisely to your target demographic. The magical power of animation is now available to any company or brand that wants to take advantage of its unique benefits. Compared to real-life images or live-action videos, which require fancy equipment to make them look professional, animation is much more affordable. Just as animated children's films and cartoons aim to capture attention through entertainment and creativity, marketing strategies also aim to capture attention through these techniques.

Animation has been used in TV marketing for decades, but recent innovations such as 3D promise to revolutionise the industry. As animated explainer videos can appeal to audiences of all ages, it means that it can also appeal to younger audiences, a crucial generation to include in a target audience. Therefore, animation can be an excellent tactic to get consumers to spend money to buy your brand. A well-crafted animated explainer video allows you to pinpoint your potential audience's pain points so you can quickly grab their attention.

Incorporating 3D animation really brings the different genres of books to life and embellishes the video. Think about the need to share statistics or other abstract information with a sales team or a board of directors: professional animation allows you to convey this data quickly, clearly and smoothly with supporting icons and graphics. I have to say that these are some solid and great reasons why every business needs a business animation. Nowadays, they have become animated explainer videos, animated GIFs, funny doodles, infographics with animated and cartoon design, animated images and much more.

What can be presented in a few seconds of animated video can hardly be transferred through any other medium. Traditional commercial video recording involves a number of complicated procedures that can, of course, be omitted in an animation. Animation also offers the opportunity to integrate logos and corporate colours much more easily and unobtrusively than with live action shots. The unique visual properties of 3D animation capture attention instantly, explain effectively, and demonstrate what needs to be done with ease.

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