How can i make a gif banner for discord?

Similarly, how do I make a GIF banner in Photoshop? How to make an animated GIF in Photoshop How big is a Discord profile banner? The recommended size for your Discord profile picture is 128 × 128 pixels, but if you upload a larger one, Discord will reduce it to the appropriate size. You can use a JPG, PNG or even a GIF for animated discord profile pictures. The next step is to go to your Discord settings and in my account there should be an option to upload a banner and set up a Discord bio. As this feature rolls out, Nitro users will have the option to create and upload custom profile banners that reflect their interests or personality.

This 600x240 banner can be as simple as a solid colour or have an eye-catching animation that matches an animated server icon. The first step is to find a banner you like, we've made it easy by compiling a library of the best Discord banners online. Gg makes it easy to find the best profile pictures and banners to use on Discord, Tiktok, Twitter and anywhere else. Open GIPHY and search for the GIF you want to edit, or tap the " " button at the bottom to access the GIFs in your camera roll.

You can coordinate the banner to match your profile picture, feature your favourite game character or show off a cool illustration.

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