Why are animated banners better than static banners?

Animated ads in digital media provide visual appeal through movement. The elements of these ads move and, therefore, capture the attention of viewers by capturing their interest. On the other hand, static ads are what many of us are already used to seeing. However, HTML5 is becoming the hero of online advertising.

For one thing, it has given banner ads much more flexibility across multiple devices by eliminating the need to create multiple versions of the same ad. Secondly, FLASH is resource-intensive, especially on mobile devices, where it drains the battery faster than any other type of multimedia content. The main advantage of this type of banner is its universality. Ad networks are more likely to accept static banners, as they are easy to display on both desktop and mobile devices.

In addition to their universality, static banners are also easy to create and control. You see a banner ad for a doctor specialising in joint pain relief, who is in your area and accepting new patients. Banner advertising, sometimes known as display advertising, is a form of advertising that uses a rectangular graphic display that is shown at the top, bottom or sides of a website. This means that, unlike Flash, it is not necessary to install a third-party plug-in in order to view the banners.

Unfortunately, it came with a number of shortcomings, such as end viewers needing a third party plug-in to view banner ads. Digital ads started out as static ads and then animated gifs, Flash animated ads, social media, video and HTML5 ads. In the beginning, there were only static banners, but as technology has evolved and people started to have faster and faster internet connections, animated ads made their way in. An important part of this is the progression of banner ads, and the role they have played in advertising since their inception in 1994.As a result, advertisers are turning to digital marketing, and a prominent element that can be found in this particular type of marketing is the use of banner ads.

Cluttered banners make you feel even more annoyed by making the whole page feel cluttered and unfriendly. In the beginning, only static banners were available, but as technology evolved and people began to experience faster and faster Internet connections, animated banners made their way in. The most important aspect is that no matter what device or browser you are on, the banner will display and animate the same. When choosing your animated banners, it is important to remember that GIFs are slowly being phased out and that the more impressive end result of HTML5 banners makes them the better choice.

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