Can banners be gifs?

GIF banners are accepted by most publishers and ad networks - ad networks like Google accept them. But make sure the maximum size is 150kb. They can contain animations - but these must be 30 seconds or less. GIFs are a series of image frames that are repeated to form a motion.

Each frame is its own image, which can result in large files. Your banner ad campaigns can be brought back to life with animated GIF ads. They are affordable, they are eye-catching and they are accepted all over the Internet as an advertising medium. If you like the idea of animated banners, but your budget isn't as big as you'd like, opt for this style and reap the benefits without slicing your budget.

To put it simply, cinemagraphs loop the banner gif ad in such a way that the first and last frames are synchronised, and this creates a continuous loop, making the animation so smooth that it looks like a video. When designed properly, animated GIF ads are a very effective means of conveying a message around your business. With so much banner content on the market, most of the time the audience will not pay attention to your ad, especially if it is static. Banners can be placed in optimised areas of a website and are categorised into leaderboards, traditional banners (336×280) and Facebook ads, such as News Feed and Right Side Ads.

You've probably seen them: banner ads appear on more than 2 million websites on the Google Display Network alone. Animated banner ads could be the compelling alternative you've been looking for to grab users' attention and increase that all-important CTR. The great thing about an animated GIF ad is that it is in the sweet spot between a video and an image, making it accessible and less cumbersome than a video. This is not to say that GIF ads don't have a time and a place: there are some advantages to using them.

They can also appear as collapsible in-banner ads, which cover a large area of the web page and shrink to a standard banner ad size. Hopefully this information will not only help you get a better perspective on animated GIF ads, but also how to effectively incorporate these techniques into your campaign. Here are some of the amazing ways one can incorporate GIF ads into their marketing campaigns. Apart from desktop optimisation, banners are also created for mobile devices, but with a smaller size, minimal text and optimised for smooth rendering.

Animated GIF banner ads are a simple graphic image that moves; for example, a spinning top, numbers that grow or shrink, or an exchange between two images. While HTML5 ads are custom built, they are created using separate files, which means they can go in and out of size. As banner ads have become mandatory for businesses, especially for those primarily involved in online shopping, it is a difficult period for marketers to stay afloat and make an impact with experimental media.

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