What are banner ads and how do they work?

Banner ads are image-based rather than text-based and are a popular form of online advertising. What exactly is banner advertising and how does it work? Banner ads are also called display ads and are best thought of as a type of digital billboard that uses images to attract attention. The goal of these ads is to capture attention and drive traffic to your website. With the logo, an attractive call to action and a simple design, the five points of an awesome banner ad are covered, and it's effective.

Great article, just what I was looking for, all the necessary information about banner advertising and everything an advertiser or publisher needs to know can be found there, thanks Eugene for sharing such good information. You pay directly to the display network (rather than the publishing medium) for ad placement, and you can choose the types of websites on which your banner ads will be displayed. There are billboards, flyers, email marketing and banner advertising, to name a few, and each has its own advantages. This way, you can have a clearer guideline on which one to choose to create and rock your web banner design.

A banner ad, also known as a display ad, is similar to a digital billboard in that it uses images (hence the term banner) to attract attention in order to drive traffic to the advertiser's site. You need to have a strategy on what you want to achieve with your ad campaign, the best thing about banner ad campaign is the visual presentation of banner ads as it has the ability to use images and videos and can also allow the use of buttons, animations, colours and many more depending on the technology used. But you have to do it by attributing a function to your banner ad and see what fits best in that specific context. This is because your ROI with banner ads depends on the amount of people exposed, and you are likely to expose more people through a greater variety of ad sizes and placement.

In the same way that a physical banner outside a shop would get you into the store because it says they offer a great discount on a specific product or they have this new product that piques your curiosity. A great banner ad will grab the reader's attention and entice them to want to know more about what is being advertised. As someone who is still learning about banner ads, I take this opportunity to learn by explaining and sharing my own opinion after careful research. Like all advertising, banners generate revenue for both the website that hosts them and the company that places them.

For your banner advertising to be professional, all visual elements, whether a still or animated image, must be of high quality.

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