What is an animated web banner?

An animated banner is an online advertising element in GIF, HTML5, AMPHTML or MP4 format that is a sequence of visual elements with motion effects to create dynamic animations, text snippets and interactive components. GIFs are a series of image frames looped together to form motion. Each frame is its own image, which can result in large files. The HTML code is natively supported by all browsers, not to mention the fact that html5 animated banners are also mobile-friendly.

When choosing your animated banners, it is important to remember that GIFs are slowly being phased out and that the more impressive end result of HTML5 banners makes them the better choice. Animated banners have the innate ability to be unique and stand out, which means that users will engage with your banner for longer. The difference between an animated banner and a static banner is that animated banners are made up of a series of frames. If you make an animated banner, its movement will attract the viewer's attention, so your information will have a better chance of getting through.

Animated banners could be the attractive alternative you have been looking for to attract the user's attention and increase that all-important CTR. According to Wikipedia, animated banners (or web banners) are a form of Internet advertising delivered by an ad server. In the beginning, there were only static banners, but as technology has evolved and people started to have faster and faster Internet connections, animated banners made their way in. An animated ad is any digital display unit that has movement, regardless of the complexity or simplicity of the movement involved.

Part of this chapter has been covered when we talked about the size and format of your animated web banners. The bottom line is that both static and animated ads can work very well if executed correctly. Because of the eye-catching motion, animated banners stand out from static data on websites and social media platforms and can provide a much higher ROI than a similar static campaign. Let's assume you have little knowledge of animations and technicalities such as transitions, effects, etc.

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