Do animated ads perform better?

Animated ads in digital media provide visual appeal through movement. The elements of these ads move and therefore capture the viewer's attention more by piquing their interest. Conversely, they are less likely to capture the viewer's attention, due to their fixed nature. Our Facebook Ads experiment clearly showed that regular still images performed better than animated ones.

In terms of cost per lead, ads with the still image outperformed ads with the animated image by 38.2%. Commercial animation has created a new dimension in online advertising. Companies using animated ads have performed better in terms of audience engagement, customer acquisition and lead generation. Animated videos are a highly engaging type of content that makes people slow down the scroll and listen to what the brand is telling them.

By having an entertainment function in the first place, they help brands to attract the user's attention and increase their loyalty. Animated banner ads could be the attractive alternative you have been looking for to attract user attention and increase that all-important CTR. Banner ads are very popular today despite the wide proliferation of ad-blocking applications available for all browsers and operating systems. In fact, if a site has video or animation on the web page, I will leave immediately unless I really want to see the information I came to see.

For one campaign I have played with animations from Animated Traffic* and made a comparison with some photos from Unsplash**. However, the point of this experiment was to test whether the animation works better IF it is similar to the static ad. There are many reasons for your business to use animated ads and the main reason is that these videos are great for finding common language with your audience. For this reason I have started doing some brand awareness (engagement) ads with funny gifs that refer to specific insurance, people like them and share them and remember the brand.

An important part of this is the progression of banner ads, and the role they have played in advertising since their inception in 1994.Animated videos are a convenient way to communicate with customers, as they allow even complicated business concepts and marketing messages to be conveyed more effectively. Although animation works excellently in most cases, there is always room for other creative practices and manifestations. So you have seen all the reasons to use animation ads for your company or product.

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