What is an animated banner for?

GIFs are a series of image frames that are repeated to form a motion. Each frame is its own image, which can result in large file sizes. As animated banners display the animation frame by frame, the advertiser can add more text and graphics to the overall presentation. The ease of adding more content and illustration helps banner ads make a better presentation or a strong sales pitch.

Also, in frame-by-frame animation, the user has more time to read and understand the parts of the message one by one. You can create animated banner ads without writing a single line of code by using the predefined animation options. Now you have all the indisputable facts why HTML5 is the best method for creating animated ads. With BannerBoo you have access to a huge stock of premium photos, popular fonts, dozens of animation effects, and slide transitions.

There is no doubt that animated banner ads can be a great way to advertise, get some leads, increase sales, increase brand awareness or interact with the user. For your banner advertising to be professional, all visual elements, whether it is a still image or an animated one, must be of high quality. Back in the day, flash banner ads got a lot of attention among advertisers, but today, the one in the spotlight is the animated HTML banner ad. Animated ads give you the ability to engage your audience through animation, video, and audio.

Although HTML5 sounds like coding, and you may not have this knowledge at home, HTML5 animated banners are easy to create, nowadays. Animated banners change graphics on a rotating basis every 10 seconds or so, and the movement attracts attention. Animated HTML5 ads can be distributed across the entire Google Display Network (including mobile), whereas, for example, animated GIF ads have much more limited viewability within the network. Now that HTML5 is natively cross-browser compatible, with faster loading speeds and smoother animations, there is no need for Flash banners.

Apart from that, HTML5 animated banners consist of several individual files, stored in a page-like container. These new types of banners use simple or complex animation effects and some of them also allow sound to be incorporated. Apart from these four main advantages of HTML5 animated banners, there are also other advantages worth mentioning here. While animated GIF ads or static ads display the same content day after day, animated HTML5 ads offer you the possibility to make use of data to adapt to the unique needs and preferences of your audience.

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