How is an animated banner made? A Step-by-Step Guide

An animated banner is an eye-catching design that can really set your product, service, or website apart. With the right design and animation software, you can create a banner that grabs visitors' attention and leads them to take the next step.

Which platform to choose to create animated ads?

BannerBoo is a great example of a free online animated banner maker with many features available. Moreover, the simplicity of this format makes it a more attractive choice when you start thinking about how to make animated banner ads. Besides, considering that you are on this page, I guess you have already made your choice and the winner is the animated banner. You can add quick animations to more dynamic ads and longer effects if you want to add smoothness to a one or two layer animated banner.

Start with brainstorming ideas!

The process of making an animated banner starts with brainstorming ideas for your desired look and feel. Even though creating one can be very time-consuming, it doesn’t have to be hard if you know what you want. After you settle on a style, come up with some text or images to use in the banner. Next, pick the color scheme and typography of your banner. Lastly, animate your banners — and you can do it just in one click using BannerBoo Smart Animator function! Once you're done, you'll need to export the animation as an .gif or MP4 file before uploading it to your site or social media. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make an animated banner!

1: Draw your design and color it in

2: Consider the animation you want; would you like it to be animated or still?

3: Select the right image for your banner. 

4: Choose the animation effect you want for your banner (e.g., bounce, slide). 

5: Provide sound effects (optional) 

6: Create the animation effect you want; can be done with software or online generators that already provide this kind of option (e.g., 

7: Download and save the project as a GIF file (can also be downloaded as a video MP4 file).

Why are animated banners so popular?

Animated banners are becoming more popular as people are looking for creative ways to promote their business online. They not only catch visitors' attention, but also make any content on the page more engaging.

Animate your way in and out of the banner as if you were changing the set in a play. Use video ads — they look better than GIFs, are safer than Flash animations, and are easy to create if you use the right tool. Speaking of less complex animated sequences, there are many online banner publishers that have the ability to create animations for your banners. Part of this chapter was covered when we talked about the process of creation of your animated web banners.

The myriad of capabilities that BannerBoo offers allows you to not only have a lot of image editing tools, but also handle  advanced animation editing, which is what we will go over next. It allows for greater versatility in some cases, but the general list of instructions for animation as simple as the one above would remain pretty much the same. BannerBoo is a great multifunctional platform that offers an incredibly vast set of features, including animation. This platform offers the widest range of features available of all the examples above, allowing users to create complex animations using the easy-to-use timeline and many different objects, shapes and additional settings.

There are several animation-related options included in the package, such as transitions, timing, animated objects and so on. In just a few steps, you can design animated banners for your social media pages or any marketing campaign. BannerBoo offers a complete platform for image editing and animation with a wide range of functions and is a great example of a successful tandem of a versatile image editing service and an easy-to-use animation feature set.

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