Are animated ads better?

Animated ads in digital media provide visual appeal through movement. The elements of these ads move and therefore capture the viewer's attention more by piquing their interest. On the other hand, they are less likely to capture the viewer's attention, due to their fixed nature. The use of static or animated banners has both positive and negative aspects.

Animated banners will generally attract more interest, which is the goal of many businesses. When choosing your animated banners, it is important to remember that GIFs are slowly disappearing and that the more impressive end result of HTML5 banners makes them the better choice. Commercial animation has created a new dimension in online advertising. Companies using animated ads have seen better results in audience engagement, customer acquisition and lead generation.

Animated videos are a highly engaging type of content that makes people slow down the scroll and listen to what the brand is telling them. By having an entertainment function in the first place, they help brands to attract the user's attention and increase their loyalty. This has a positive impact on conversions, as a loyal audience is more likely to buy than a cold one. If animation doesn't enhance your story, is it OK? Animated banners are still sometimes treated like a mini TV commercial.

And if you want to have movement in certain inventory, a video might be a better option. If animation doesn't enhance your story, then it may not be the right execution approach. Our Facebook Ads experiment clearly showed that regular still images performed better than animated ones. In terms of cost per lead, still image ads outperformed animated image ads by 38.2%.

While animated GIF or static ads show the same content day after day, animated HTML5 ads give you the ability to make use of data to adapt to the unique needs and preferences of your audience. Simplistic 2D animation and the absence of complicated technical terms get all the information you need across to a wide audience. A video ad from Summa Health is a prime example of how to use animated advertising in the healthcare sector. However, if an animated banner is at the bottom of a page, the user may not even see it animated and only see the final frame.

In the beginning, only static banners were available, but as technology has evolved and people have experienced faster and faster internet connections, animated ads have become more common. Animated ads could be the compelling alternative you've been looking for to attract users' attention and increase that all-important CTR. While animated ads are not necessarily better than static ads, your story is likely to be conveyed successfully when you use more than one image. So, you've checked out all the reasons to use animated ads for your company or product.

You can use animated ads to educate customers on how they can use your products or services to solve their problems and make their lives easier.

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