Do animated banners perform better?

Animated ads in digital media provide visual appeal through movement. Elements of these ads move and therefore capture viewers' attention more by engaging them. If animation doesn't enhance your story, is it OK? Animated banners are still sometimes treated like a mini TV commercial. And if you want to have movement in certain inventory, a video might be a better option.

If animation doesn't enhance your story, then it may not be the right execution approach. The bottom line is that both animated and static digital ads can work very well if executed correctly. If all circumstances are evaluated, including campaign objectives, advertising message, budget and placement, digital ads can be leveraged to work well in the campaign. However, if an animated banner is at the bottom of a page, the user may not even see it animate and only see the final frame.

This means that, unlike with Flash, it is not necessary to install a third-party plug-in to view the banners. In my opinion, animated videos cost more to produce than still images, but they are more effective and give a better CPC rate. Animated display ads give you the ability to engage your audience through animation, video and audio. You see an ad for a doctor who specialises in joint pain relief, is in your area and is accepting new patients.

Unfortunately, it comes with a number of flaws, such as end viewers needing a third party plugin to view the banner ads. Over the past few years, 97% of marketers have created HTML5 banners, while only 3% of marketers have created animated flash banners. Although animated banners are not necessarily better than static banners, it is very likely that your story will be conveyed successfully when you use more than one image. First, let's explain what these types of ads are and why there are 4 key benefits of using HTML5 animated ads in your display campaigns.

Although HTML5 sounds like coding, and you may not have this knowledge at home, HTML5 animated ads are easy to create, nowadays. One of the biggest advantages of using HTML5 animated ads is that they are compatible with almost all operating systems and browsers. Banner advertising (also known as online display) is one of the best tools a marketer has if they know what they are doing, how to do it correctly and how to target the right audience. If this is a factor for you, then you could make the case to try a static placement instead, or even influence more static banners that could rotate in inventory over time.

Since animated ads in HTML5 have many engaging elements, marketers have many more elements to test, tweak and optimise.

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