What does an animated banner mean?

Animated banner is a term used to describe an image or gif that can display images, videos, and even a website. These banners are mostly used on websites and blogs to create eye-catching graphics in order to increase the user’s engagement. These animated banners look beautiful and enticing, especially when they display moving images like videos.

They are also effective for brands because they can showcase their products in a very creative manner. Furthermore, using these animated banners allows you to show your personality, brand values, or other important details about your business. Read on for more information.

What is an animated banner?

Animated banners are basically images or gifs that contain animations. Animations are basically actions that are displayed repeatedly, without any pause. In other words, they are repetitive graphics that have no beginning and no end.

These banners can be created with software programs and can be used on almost every website. Animated banners are usually used on websites because they look very appealing and beautiful. These banners are also very attention-grabbing because they have animations that move continuously.

Hence, the user can focus more on the visuals displayed rather than the text. It is recommended to create animated banners that have at least 1000 pixels in width and height. Furthermore, it is also recommended to create banners that have an aspect ratio of between 1.4 and 1.8.

These are all essential factors that will determine the quality of your banner.

Different types of Animated Banners

  • Slider - A slider is a banner that contains images or gifs that move continuously. They are the most common type of animated banner.
  • Flyer - Flyer banners are a specific type of animated banner that are used to promote events and conferences. These banners are divided into different sections called cards. Therefore, you can easily promote your event or conference with these banners.
  • Video - A video is an animation that plays in a continuous manner. They are the best type of animated banner because they have high engagement rates.
  • Image - An image contains an image with animations. These banners are not as popular as the other types of banners because they don’t have much engagement.

How to make an animated banner?

In order to make an animated banner, you will have to use animation software. Moreover, you will also have to upload images or gifs, create a custom banner, and publish it on your website. It is recommended to place these banners in the sidebar or footer of your site. You can also create a new page and upload your banner to it.

After creating your banner, you will have to choose a template for your banner. There are various template options available in animation software. You will also have to set your banner’s dimensions, logo, and other settings.

Advantages of using animated banners

  • Creates Attractive Graphics - Animated banners are mostly used to create attractive graphics. They have high engagement rates because of their attractive images and animations. Hence, they are the best type of banner for brands that want to promote their products.
  • Creates a Memorable Impression - Animated banners are known for creating a memorable impression. These banners are mostly used to display logos and brands.
  • Creates a Sense of Movement - Animated banners are known for creating a sense of movement. They are mostly used on websites to create an engaging experience for the user.
  • Great for Marketing at Events - Events are one of the most common uses for animated banners. Events can include conferences, launches, and other business-related events.
  • Technologically Advanced - Animated banners are the most technologically advanced type of banners. They have high engagement rates and have small loading time.
  • Effective for Promoting Products - Animated banners are mainly used to promote products. These banners have high conversion rates because of their attractive visuals.
  • Fast and Convenient - Creating your banner is very fast and convenient due to the availability of animation software. - Affordable - The cost of creating your banner is very low because the software comes free of cost.
  • Easy to Manage - Most of the software comes with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to create your banner in a short time.
  • Available on Every Platform - The software is available for almost every platform such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Easy to Install - The banner creation software is very easy to install or, even better, use online. You can create your banners without having to install any complicated software.
  • Available in Different Types - The banner creation software is available in different types such as simple, custom, and complex.

Disadvantages of using animated banners

  • Short Lasting Impression - Animated banners are mostly ignored after a short period of time. Hence, these banners are mostly used for marketing at events.
  • Costs - Creating your banner requires some investment. They are mostly used to promote products, and the cost of creating them is relatively high.

Tips for Using Animated Banners

  • Keep Your Banner Simple - The simpler your banner is, the better it will perform. You should always keep your logo in the centre of your banner, and make sure it is the focus of the banner.
  • Personalize Your Banner - The more personal your banner is, the better it will perform. You should add your name, logo, and other important details about your company or product in your banner.
  • Use the Right Template - The banner creation software gives you a variety of templates to choose from. You should go with the template that has the best visuals, and has a high conversion rate.
  • Add a Link to Your Banner - You should always add a link to your banner so that the users can easily navigate to your website.


Animated banners are the best type of banners that can be used to promote your brands and products. Hence, it is recommended to create these banners and place them on your websites.

An Animated banner is a graphic that can display images, videos, and even a website. These banners are mostly used on websites to create eye-catching graphics that increase engagement.

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