What is an animated banner?

An animated ad is any digital display unit that has motion, regardless of the complexity or simplicity of the motion involved. Because of the eye-catching motion, animated banners stand out from static data on websites and social media platforms and can provide a much higher ROI than a similar static campaign. We all know that branding is vital in this age of digital marketing. Animated ads give you the ability to interact with your audience through animation, video and audio.

While animated ads are not necessarily better than static ads, your story is likely to be conveyed successfully when you use more than one image. GIFs are a series of image frames that form a loop of motion. Each frame is its own image, which can result in large file sizes. Think of an animated ad as your own theatre.

The edges of the advert are like those of a stage. If you have several topics to cover, treat each as its own scene. Animate your way in and out of the banner as if you were changing the scenery in a play. Georg Jensen's business relies heavily on sales during the festive period, accounting for approximately 35% of his annual sales, so creating exceptional banner advertising is a necessity.

Unfortunately, the system had a number of shortcomings, such as the fact that end viewers needed a third-party plugin to view the ads. And their concept of turning an anonymous profile into a person with preferences and habits using HTML5 animation is a great way to showcase the idea of how their personalisation offering works. More colours does not automatically mean that the banner is more easily perceived, especially when mixing very vivid tones and shades. Let's assume you have little knowledge of animations and technicalities such as transitions, effects, etc.

With a striking palette of black, red and white, Ladbrokes Belgium's HTML5 banner for the Mayweather Vs. If you want to be informed on this matter, however, keep in mind that LinkedIn, for example, recommends a maximum length of 15 seconds for an animated banner, while Google allows you to run ads up to 30 seconds in length. Based on this fact, combined with the total spend on visual advertising in recent years, it is safe to assume that animated banners are the future. Conversion rates differ depending on the type chosen, with a slight increase in performance for static banners.

If the colours of the banner and logo do not match, the whole look of your ad will be ruined. Creatopy includes several premium font types that you can use to give your banners a personal touch.

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